Dear Parents,

Welcome to Arihant Academy !

Fact #1: Today, the kind of education imparted by the mainstream education system is often not sufficient to meet the educational needs of your child.

Fact #2: The mainstream education system’s structure (“too strict”, “too many rules and regulations”, “authorities are unapproachable” etc) often acts as a major deterrent to children being self–motivated.

Fact #3: Children often feel overburdened by the sheer amount of work they are expected to do.

Fact #4: Children often feel that “the hours spent in these institutions are just not worth the time.”

Fact #5: Children often feel an acute need for the right kind of guidance and directions required to achieve the results that are expected of them.

Result: Parents and children alike have to search for an alternative and supplementary education system!

At Arihant Academy, we provide the best coaching, so that our children get the maximum output from minimum input, ensuring optimum utilization of the limited time at their disposal.

We encourage our teachers to come down to the children’s level and teach them in a manner that ensures comprehension without any compromise on the quality of education.

Our idea of technology–aided education means that out teaching method is “with the help of technology” (and not “totally dependent on technology”, as is the case with some of the other players in the market). We leverage technology–based teaching so that children understand, retain and remember everything that has been taught in the class, through various innovative methodologies, like songs, short forms and other mnemonics…

Instead of creating an environment or culture based on a formal, professional, corporate structure (the way some of the players in the market are doing), we ensure that our children “want” to come to the class, by creating an environment where they actually look forward to attending the classes.

To this end, we have coached our staff and teachers to be genuinely friendly and very family–like, so that the child’s mental burden is reduced, and he wants to come to class. We train our teachers to teach our children in a manner that is light–hearted and fun… so that the child doesn’t realize that the “bitter pill” of studies has been fed to him in a sugar–coated tablet.

The child is made to understand that academics is of paramount importance, especially due to the cut–throat competition for opportunities for further studies and career options. Specialised professional qualification, which is the need of the hour now, will be even more in demand in the future.

Once the importance of academics is rooted in our children’s heads, we revive their interest in studies and sustain it through unique and innovative teaching methodologies, combined with the use of technology and fun as effective teaching aids.

Our meticulous system of assessments and continuous follow–ups helps in identifying each child’s strengths and weaknesses. Our specialized remedial measures enhance the child’s strengths and systematically eradicate its weaknesses, to improve each child’s aggregate academic performance.

At Arihant Academy, we fulfill the need for scoring marks and achieving great results, by imparting knowledge (instead of mere information) along with the fun quotient that keeps the child’s interest and enthusiasm alive.

This is our concept of professionalism imparting quality education with a personalized touch!

Welcome to the Arihant Family and have a great future!

Warm Regards
The Directors,
Arihant Academy
Anil Kapasi, Umesh Pangam, Santosh Shinde, Amit Mehrotra