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Dear Student, when you join Arihant Academy, you are actually joining the Arihant Family! The environment we provide, our innate culture, the continuous follow-ups that we do, the communications, are all born out of our commitment to your overall academic improvement. Because we truly believe that, at our very core, Arihant Academy is a Family… not an educational corporate.

At Arihant Academy, we cater to our children’s academic needs, based on each child’s individual grasping power, academic capabilities and level of performance achievement.

Our system of regular Parent-Principal-Teacher interaction and involvement ensures timely and effective problem-solving, both academic and non-academic.

At Arihant Academy, we leverage technology as a means, not an end. So, it is our teachers (and not technology) that play a vital and crucial role in imparting knowledge and ensuring understanding.

We advocate (and diligently follow) a simple philosophy: We are (the child’s) friends inside the classroom and parent-substitutes outside the classroom. [And not vice-versa, as found in most other coaching classes.]

Arihant Academy offers a host of carefully structured strategic services, aimed at enhancing and securing your child’s future.

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