Parent Orientation Program

A multi-pronged initiative from Arihant Academy, to guide parents and keep them updated on various aspects of their children’s education, the prevalent education system modalities and our mentoring process.

Open House

In order to ensure the holistic development of students, it is very important that all the key stakeholders in their learning process – parents, teachers & facilitators come together. Our quarterly open houses ensure that students’ progress & concerns are addressed together.

Talk Show

What can be more refreshing & enlightening than being mentored by some of the brightest minds in the country? At our periodic talk shows, the management of Arihant Academy invites eminent personalities across different fields to introduce children to the outside world & latest developments.

Freshers' Party (Arise)

All work & no play is a big NO-NO! While there is no substitute for students to work hard & score good marks, it is equally important that we provide them with an environment conducive to their overall well-being. We conduct a mega freshers’ party to welcome & induct our incoming students each year.

Career Interest Test (CIT)

A special, complimentary Aptitude Test designed by Arihant Academy to help children identify and select the most suitable and correct career path for themselves. We deploy cutting-edge technology & advancements in human psychology to bring out the best in our children.

Career Counseling

A guidance session for both children and their parents, given after a detailed scientific assessment of the children’s interests, abilities & aptitudes, based on their performance in the Career Interest Test. This has helped thousands of students so far to discover the right career path for themselves.

Students' Picnic

Our students study well all through the year and have their share of fun too! The students’ picnic is one of our most awaited events each year where the students take home a bag full of memories with them as we visit some of the best resorts, water parks or amusement parks with them.

Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM)

Eloquent communication between the parents & teachers on the child’s academic progress, behaviour & overall performance is critical in establishing a solid foundation for their careers. Our periodic parent-teacher interventions ensure that all the concerns are highlighted & addressed on priority.

1-to-1 counselling

We conduct regular 1-to-1 counselling sessions for both students & parents in order to ensure that there is no stress on either of them. This way the parents are also actively involved in the child’s learning curve, which reduces their anxiety & streamlines their expectation from the child.

felicitation (AFA)

At the end of several months (or years in some cases) comes the day of felicitation, where we lavishly celebrate the success of all our top performers & high scorers by awarding them a trophy. This day is meant to appreciate the efforts of all the students, parents, teachers, staff & facilitators who have given put in immense efforts for the wonderful outcome.

Cricket Tournament (Arihant Premier League)

At Arihant Academy, having fun while learning is of utmost importance. What learning would take place if not with fun? We conduct a game play among our students with Arihant Premier League – A Cricket Tournament organized with a view to encourage team spirit & healthy competition.

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Mumbai’s premier coaching institute for SSC, ICSE, CBSE, Science & Commerce. Transforming students via our child-centric, service-oriented focus on results!

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Mumbai’s premier coaching institute for SSC, ICSE, CBSE, Science & Commerce. Transforming students via our child-centric, service-oriented focus on results!