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Under the able stewardship of our management, Arihant Academy has transformed into Mumbai’s Premier Coaching Institute for SSC, ICSE, Science & Commerce. They have nurtured the culture of Arihant Family! For over two decades, the management has filled the lives and hearts of all the students who have walked through the gates of our prestigious institution. They envision to bring world-class education for every student, ensuring that our students are on an onward journey towards ultimate success. Approachable. Progressive. Committed. 

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Anil Kapasi
M.Sc., B.Ed.
Anil Kapasi

Anil Sir is one of the Founder Directors of Arihant Academy, and he heads the Science section.

Anil Sir would be best described as a visionary, go-getter with a “Do it before you die” attitude! A relentless, tireless, industrious worker; he is very good at maintaining excellent relations with everyone. An out-of-the-box thinker, sharp negotiator, and a perfectionist at heart, he believes in problem-solving at the root-cause level. Thanks to his keen business sense, he provides extremely practical and invaluable financial inputs.

Arihant Academy’s staff likes his open-door policy and the fact that not only is he always approachable but also empathizes with them. They place immense trust in him and respect him for his hard work, decision-making, meticulous planning. Anil Sir is gifted with the ability to take a product to the next level, through crisp action plans and perfect follow-up, resting only when the target is achieved.

Anil Sir, who has been widely acclaimed as an excellent teacher for Algebra and Physics since his teaching days, enjoys an excellent connection with children; he actually knows most of his students by their names. He frames and plans their entire career paths, often going out of his way to provide even services that are not promised but are essential for children.

Parents hold Anil Sir in high esteem, have immense faith in him and count on him for advice when it comes to their children’s academics and future!

Umesh Pangam
M.Com., B.Ed.
Umesh Pangam

Umesh Sir is one of the Founder Directors of Arihant Academy, and he heads the School section – SSC and ICSE.

Cool-headed at all times, Umesh Sir works diligently behind the scenes, making optimum use of limited resources and skillfully solving problems with his unique, out-of-the-box thinking. He is a team builder who takes everyone along with him while moving forward. He is approachable, with a great sense of humor and convincing communication skills.

Well-known as one of the best teachers of History and Political Science during his teaching days, Umesh Sir has always had a knack for simplifying concepts and making them easy to understand and remember. He leverages the same skills in his interactions with students, their parents, as well as our staff members.

Umesh Sir connects instinctively with parents, who seek his guidance in all matters pertaining to their children’s academics.

With a good head for business, Umesh Sir keeps a close watch on Arihant Academy’s finances. A true team player and team builder, his advice is not restricted to his department alone; he provides vital inputs in other areas and departments too.

Amit Mehrotra
M.Com. (Gold Medalist), MBA
Amit Mehrotra

Amit Sir is a Director of Arihant Academy, and he heads the Commerce section.

An excellent orator and anchor, Amit Sir  has an uncanny ability to connect with parents, convince them on critical issues and provide them with simple solutions to the academic problems faced by children; so much so that they look forward to counselling sessions with him.

With a keen eye on financials, Amit Sir leverages his analytical skills to provide valuable inputs towards maintaining the financial health of the organisation.

Extremely approachable and implicitly trusted, he is looked up to by Arihant Academy’s staff as a mentor, guru and guide. An excellent motivator, core skills trainer and life skills coach; he is respected for his leadership, organisational and communications skills.

Amit Sir has been famous for his unique, friendly, innovative, revolutionary and fun-filled methods of teaching, especially for Geography and Economics; even today, his sessions are eagerly awaited by students and parents alike.

While children love his style of teaching, they respect him for understanding them and making them understand what they need to do, especially in making study plans and charting successful career paths. With his spontaneous sense of humour and ability to touch the right chords at the right time, he inspires them to set goals beyond their own perceived limits, and successfully achieve them.

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