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Why Should You Opt For The Science Stream After Your Std. 10?

After your Std. 10, it is mandatory to choose a stream you want to pursue your career in. There are 3 broad streams you can choose from – Science, Commerce and Arts. This is always a tough choice you have to make. Many times, the students who tend to score a higher grade in their schools opt for the stream of Science. But is this the only reason you should choose this stream? Let’s find out!

Why should you choose Science as your stream in your 11th and 12th?

Let’s find out why you should choose Science stream here:

1. Science triggers your curiosity

If you are someone who has always been attracted to the subjects of physics, mathematics, chemistry and biology in your schooling, Science is the stream for you. These subjects tend to trigger your curiosity and encourage you to create new formulas and new theories.

2. Opens up a pathway to many interesting career options

Choosing Science as your stream opens up the possibility for being able to pursue interesting careers like doctor, engineer, pilot, scientist and more. If you aspire to pursue any of these career options, the stream of Science would prove to be a very strong base for these specializations in the future.

3. Filled with knowledge that will blow your mind

This stream has the knowledge of the world in itself. Intriguing theories and fundamental truths of the world that will blow your mind. If this is something that appeals to you, Science is the way to go!

Is Science stream only opted by rankers?

Absolutely NOT! You don’t have to be the top ranker in these subjects to choose this career stream. The first and the foremost reason you must opt for the Science stream is simply because you find it interesting. And it does not matter what marks you scored in these subjects, if there is a career path you want to walk on that choosing this stream will help you, you must go for it!

Should I pursue Science only from a reputed college?

Getting admission in a reputed or a known college is a boon in any stream. However, this does not mean that if you do not get admission in your desired college that you should not pursue this stream at all. You can always opt for any other college for your FYJC and then make a switch in SYJC. This switch might initially make it a little difficult for you to cope but eventually you will come around. And even if the switch doesn’t happen, in the long run, it is only your performance that would matter. Dedication and hard work are what will make you stand out among the best!

What are the options in the Science stream?

It’s only 2 main options you get to choose from:

Option 1: Physics-Chemistry-Mathematics (PCM)

If you like the subject of mathematics and see yourself choosing a career that would involve a lot of numbers, this is the option to go for along with the subjects of physics and chemistry.

Option 2: Physics-Chemistry-Biology (PCB)

If you see your career being associated with living beings, that is, in the medical industry, you must opt for this option along with the subjects of physics and chemistry.

Is FYJC and SYJC Science Coaching needed?

There are many science coaching classes in Mumbai offering FYJC science coaching, SYJC science coaching and a combo of both FYJC and SYJC. The question is, do you really need to opt for science classes? Although it is not rocket science, opting for a science coaching class might actually prove beneficial to you in many ways. Your FYJC science coaching will build a base for the SYJC science coaching. Coaching classes provide a lot of extra attention and assistance in forming a strong base for your career.

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How do we at Arihant Academy help you?

Once you opt for the stream of Science, as much as the college would take efforts to make you understand certain concepts, you may require additional assistance to give your best. This is where we come in. We offer coaching for the FYJC and SYJC Science where we cover all the subjects with great detail and ensure that the student is given the attention he needs and that all concepts have been made easy for him to understand and to best prepare the student for the HSC board exam. We are one of the premium science coaching classes in Mumbai & Mumbai’s #1 coaching destination. In addition to this, we prepare our students for competitive exams like JEE, NEET, MHT-CET, KVPY, etc also.

What do we have to offer?

Arihant Academy is one of the best HSC coaching classes in Mumbai; and it has not become so overnight. We have constantly evolved to be as student-friendly as we can by implementing technologies like the Arihant Edge App. Comprehensive study material, best quality faculty, outstanding results and unwavering goodwill are only a few of the best qualities of Arihant Academy. The founder-directors Anil Kapasi and Umesh Pangam have worked diligently to make Arihant Academy one of the premium science coaching classes in Mumbai.

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