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How To Select The Best ICSE Coaching Class In Mumbai For Your Child?

best icse coaching class

Every parent today wants to provide the best possible education to their child. It is therefore imperative that they select a suitable Board, progressive school and coaching class. While a school alone may be able to serve the purpose of formal education, the coaching class generally transforms the students with better understanding and results. Even if your child is studying in one of the best ICSE schools in Mumbai, we believe he will need that extra guidance through an ICSE coaching class to help him polish his knowledge and understanding.

What is the ICSE Board?

1. The Full Form

The full form of the ICSE Board is ‘Indian Certificate of Secondary Education’. It is an examination conducted by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations. The goal is to provide an examination in a course of general education through the medium of English.

2. Quality Of The Curriculum

In recent times, we have seen a rise in demand from parents wanting to opt for ICSE because the ICSE curriculum focuses on providing in-depth and practical knowledge to students. Moreover, ICSE is an Indian private board designed at par with an international curriculum. ICSE results are evaluated with a lot of precision and the overall growth of the students and hence, they are given more weightage as compared to SSC results.

3. The Syllabus

The syllabus followed by the ICSE board is such that it enhances not only the conceptual knowledge but also analytical skills of students by providing them with practical exposure to a subject. As a result, ICSE prepares its students beyond high school assessments and grooms them to crack examinations outside India. The ICSE Board exams are conducted around the months of March & April. Consequently, the ICSE results are announced between the months of June & July.

ICSE is an exam that the Board conducts for the Indian Studies Certificate Examinations for the Grade 9 and Grade 10; it is divided into three different groups:

First Group: The student has English as a mandatory language, a second language and History / Civic / Geography
Second Group: The student can choose any 2-subject combination from Science or Commerce Group
Third Group: The students can choose any 1-subject from the vocational group

Coaching classes are a bridge between the student and their successful careers, especially for those who need extra attention and techniques to ace the examinations with ease. Certainly, an increasingly large number of parents today are looking for the best coaching classes for Grade 10 ICSE to help their children succeed in their academic journey.

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Parameters For Best ICSE Coaching Class In Mumbai

1. Child’s Comfort

The premium coaching classes will focus on intensifying your child’s abilities in addition to preparing him well in his studies. And hence, Coaching classes that provide a comfortable environment for your child to study are the classes to go for.

2. Quality and Relevant Study Material

The quality of the study material for better exam preparations and the time required to give proper emphasis on every subject covered explicitly in the ICSE syllabus is a must. Better preparation certainly demands the selection of appropriate books and study material. In fact, coaching classes nowadays take an effort to make personalized study materials for the students to make the most of their time with them.

3. Compact Batches

Further narrowing down the search for the best ICSE Coaching Classes, look for compact batches. Compact batches open up the possibility for the child to get comfortable not only with his classmates but also his teachers. The child gets personal attention from the teacher thus making him confident enough to ask questions and solve his doubts. As a result, this would boost the child’s understanding. It is indeed a win-win!

4. Learning Curve

A coaching class should without a doubt be result-oriented and must demonstrate success in turning around and improve results for its students. Thus, knowing the secret sauce of turning a student into one who excels in pushing beyond their capabilities.

5. School-specific Batches

Students can focus on the books and schedule their school faculty to choose with a school-specific set in contrast to a mixed batch. Coaching classes that help school-specific batches ensure that students do well in their exams owing to a school-specific curriculum, and thus providing the edge over other coaching classes.

6. Nearby Location

One of the most important and relevant questions one must ask while selecting a coaching class is asking yourself – What are the best coaching classes near me? It is certainly a boon to have a coaching class close to your house or school in this busy and ever-running generation.

7. Goodwill and Faculty Profile

The coaching classes with more than enough industry experience would prove to be the better fit for your child. Provide faculties who are well-versed with ICSE-based curriculums is equally important for a coaching class. The commitment of the coaching classes should undoubtedly be to the highest standards of expertise and experience. Unquestionably the ICSE Board exam is a tough one to crack. The ICSE results of the previous year’s students in the coaching class also have some weightage when choosing the best coaching class.

8. Practical Learning

The focus of the coaching classes should be preparing the students not just for the present exams but for the careers they choose. The best coaching classes indeed helps them develop a learning approach with hands-on practice.

Why is Arihant Academy a good choice for ICSE coaching?

Arihant Academy launched its ICSE section in 2018 with a vision to impart quality education to all students! In our 24 years in the industry, we have developed a very well-equipped faculty. We can assure you that your child is in safe hands. At Arihant Academy, we have constantly upgraded ourselves to make us relevant for our students by bringing in apps like Arihant Edge App.

We can proudly say that Arihant Academy is one of the most trusted ICSE coaching class in Mumbai today. You can locate us in the areas of Dahisar, Borivali & Kandivali.

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